Why Hangar Homes?

In the UK, General Aviation (GA) airfields are closing all too frequently and are being replaced with housing and industrial estates.  When each GA airfield disappears, they can never be replaced, so GA is gradually ‘dying’ in the UK with the loss of pilot training, aviation-related businesses and the skilled jobs that go with them.  

Having Hangar Homes on GA airfields helps to safeguard them as each unit requires an active runway, and also makes them more sustainable as each contributes financially to the airfield operation.

Depending on the zoning for each GA airfield, these can either be Hangar Homes solely for residential use as primary residences or holiday homes, or Mixed-use Hangars where all or part of the ground floor is for commercial use with an apartment upstairs.  All references to Hangar Homes applies to Mixed-use Hangars as both use the same design but with different uses.

Introducing Hangar Homes and Mixed-use Hangars on GA airfields will rejuvenate GA in the UK, as they have done in the US and elsewhere, but that requires flexibility from planners, owners wanting to retain airfields, and support from the CAA and Government.