The Hangar Homes 'Community'

Unlike the USA and France, there are no residential ‘Air Parks’ in the UK as all GA airfields are mixed-use for leisure and business aviation, training, maintenance, hangarage and parking. Hangar Homes have been specifically designed for use on such airfields in the UK and Europe with a small ‘footprint’ taking up less space on the airfield than hangar homes elsewhere. Also, they are about 8m high, no higher than a conventional hangar so as to fit in with other buildings on the airfield.

However, owners of Hangar Homes will inevitably create a ‘community’ as pilots tend to gather with other pilots, just as boating people or golfers congregate. Where there are a sufficient number of Hangar Homes on an airfield, one could be used as a clubhouse for residents and visiting pilots, with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room in the 'hangar', gym in the 'garage', changing rooms and showers in the 'entrance hall' and restaurant and bar upstairs.'