Why buy a Hangar Home?

Living on an airfield is not to everyone’s taste, but to some who are into aviation or have their own plane, it’s a great place to live. Waking up on a sunny weekend morning, having breakfast on the balcony overlooking the airfield and then going flying, is for some, as good as it gets.

We’re not talking about a busy commercial airport with noisy jets flying in and out all day and night, but small GA airfields with flying during daylight hours. The sort of airfield where aviation enthusiasts
would want to sit outside watching the little planes come and go, and where the evening brings an eerie silence and serene beauty.

Living in a Hangar Home is almost unique, as there would only be space for a certain number of them with both airside and roadside access. Therefore, a Hangar Home could be a good investment as there would be a limited supply on any given airfield with a much greater demand from other buyers, depending on the location.