Why Hangar Homes?

The concept of living next to one’s hobby is not new. Houses on golf courses have been available in the USA for years, and the concept is now being introduced in the UK.

Conversely, marina homes have become popular in coastal areas of the UK, where owners can board their boat outside their home without first having to drive to a marina. In the USA, and to a lesser extent in France, homes on non-commercial airfields have become popular amongst the aviation community for the same reasons as with golf and boats. However, there are no airfield homes yet in the UK, which is a concept that Hangar Homes has been set up to address.

For many General Aviation (GA) airfields, it is a struggle for the airfield owner to make the airfield viable for aviation. One way of achieving this is to attract a number of based aircraft by having a number of Hangar Homes on the airfield.