Plymouth, Devon

Plymouth Airfield was opened in 1925 and was closed in 2011 by Sutton Harbour Group to be developed for housing. However, a significant number of local people rightly objected to the loss of the airfield because of the detrimental effect on the local economy and the people and businesses in the area due to the loss of private and commercial flights from and to the airfield. The local Council therefore rightly ‘mothballed’ the airfield until such time as a decision on its future was determined, which has now been made to keep it. In anticipation of the airfield being re-opened  and the closure of the short runway, a pre-application submission has been lodged with Plymouth Council for 30 Hangar Homes to the north of the main runway with access from the road adjacent to the residential area.

If the planning application is granted, the Hangar Homes will not only help to make the airfield more sustainable, but will also make ideal primary residences for aircraft owners or sharers that want to live and work in Plymouth and who fly regularly on business or for pleasure from the airfield.

Plymouth Airfield is just 3 miles from the centre of this thriving seafaring city, and because of its relatively short main runway, it cannot accommodate noisy large jets, but only small turboprop aircraft, along with the GA aircraft that will make up the majority of flight movements, so is ideal for Hangar Homes.