Lee on Solent, Hampshire

Lee on Solent is a delightful GA airfield on the south coast of England between Fareham and Gosport, from where flying operations started in 1917 as the base for the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) Daedalus. In 2014 Fareham Borough Council (FBC) became owners of the airfield which has been zoned for business and employment use, whilst retaining the runway and taxiways for operational flying.

The area to the south of the airfield is under Gosport Borough Council (GBC) and has been designated for ‘mixed use’ under the ‘Waterfront Development’, which includes residential use. However, the only area with airside access is the space west of the tower, which can only fit 6 Hangar Homes, along with a Heritage Hangar/Centre which has been offered to FBC as part of the development.

Because FBC requires employment use on the airfield, these Hangar Homes will designate the entrance hall as an office, with a small kitchen and toilet, along with the hangar for business, which would suit a small aviation-related company. The double garage could also be used as a workshop or for storage. The units will therefore be sold as 'live/work' hangars, complying fully with the ‘mixed use’ designation, and if planning permission is granted then one of the units will be used by Hangar Homes Ltd and Velocity UK.
CLICK HERE to view the full planning application which has been submitted to GBC.