Solent, Hampshire

Solent is a delightful GA airfield on the south coast of England between Fareham and Gosport, from where flying operations started in 1917 as the base for the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) Daedalus. In 2014 Fareham Borough Council (FBC) became owners of the airfield which has been zoned for business and employment use, whilst retaining the runway and taxiways for operational flying.

A pre-application discussion with FBC for hangar homes on the north-west corner of the airfield was undertaken in 2017, but because the site was zoned for commercial use they were refused, so a planning application was submitted to Gosport Borough Council for the site west of the tower which was zoned for ‘mixed use’.  In February 2018 the Gosport councillors voted in favour of the scheme, but the decision was reversed by a new set of councillors after the local elections, so an appeal was lodged but refused.  

A key reason for refusal was the lack of an ‘unobstructed strip’ between the units and the taxiway, so a new planning application for 9 mixed use hangars will be submitted for the original site, which is unsuitable for both commercial units or conventional homes.  If granted, one of the units will be used to run Hangar Homes Ltd and Velocity UK, the exclusive agency for the Velocity kit aircraft in the UK and Ireland, working with the engineering students at CEMAST.