How is a Hangar
Home made?

Most hangars are made of steel to cope with the long spans required. Whilst steel hangars can be insulated on the inside and clad on the outside, steel is still costly and not particularly eco-friendly and the result still looks more like a hangar than a home. The Hangar Home is designed to look more like a home than a hangar, and uses Cross-laminated timber panels to make up the walls, upper floor, roof and balconies, with only a couple of steel stanchions and beams to support the main balcony and hangar entrance.


Because the panels are manufactured off-site with all the doors and windows already cut out, the building can be put up in only a few days on a steel-reinforced concrete slab, minimising disruption on the airfield, and then fitted out with underfloor heating, electrics, roof tiles, kitchen and bathrooms in a few weeks, making the overall build time a fraction of a conventional home. Insulation is added to the outside walls and covered with timber cladding or rendering or rendering depending on planning requirements.

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