How much does a Hangar Home cost?

This would largely depend upon the cost of the land, which would vary depending on where the airfield is situated. The cost of the building would be about the same as a conventional new 2,000 square foot two storey detached house with integral double garage in the area, but would have a huge 1,200 square foot heated hangar, which is
an ideal space to build a kit aircraft or helicopter.

The aim is to provide a Hangar Home at about the same price as a 4-bedroom detached house in the area, but with much more room, character and value for money, and minimal running costs. Whilst Hangar Homes are designed to be built on non-commercial GA airfields as multiple units, they could be built singularly on private airstrips, without the land cost, as a primary residence or guest quarters. Because Hangar Homes are built using traditional materials, there is no reason why owners could not get a conventional mortgage on them as a primary residence or holiday home.